Case Study: CBD rescue cream made my hands feel softer and look smoother

I am a working mum of 2 teenage boys and have been looking for a product to help with dry skin with the added benefits of CBD- a cream which feels a little bit luxurious and is a treat at the end of a long busy day.

I was delighted to receive my CBD rescue cream and was immediately impressed with the outer packaging which looked appealing and eye catching and was further impressed with the dispenser.

I am new to this product and have only been using for a short while but have already seen some positive effects on my hands in particular.

They feel softer and look smoother than they have for some time.

I applied the cream (other than immediately on receipt), in the evening before going to bed which felt like a real treat at the end of the day.

The cream smells fresh and clean, is easily applied and sinks into the skin with out leaving a greasy residue.

I am delighted so far by this product and look forward to seeing the results over a longer period of time.

Products mentioned in this case study

  • CBD Rescue Cream 500mg (40006)

    Our CBD Rescue Cream works to restore, rescue and soften your skin effortlessly. Our 500mg dosage consists of our highest quality of CBD oil which will leave you feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.


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