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The Basic Facts

What’s so great about CBD?

Many leading doctors, scientists and experts in their fields are excited about the effects of CBD, never seen before in the pharmaceutical, food or dietary supplement industries.

So, what is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a powerful plant extract that has been used for thousands of years. It is a Cannabinoid (which means it’s a natural ingredient found in the cannabis plant family) and there are over 100 different Cannabinoids present in this family.

CBD is a naturally occurring chemical and is present in the human body.
The majority of CBD (including Goodbody Wellness products) are extracted from industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) which is grown legally all over the world.

Will it make me high?

No. CBD is non-psychoactive and does not make you “high”.

What are the differences between cannabinoids?

• Although there are over 100 Cannabinoids, the two most commonly known are CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). They are both very different and have very different effects upon the body.

• THC is the compound which has psychoactive properties (affecting the mind) and as a result is currently a legally controlled substance here in the UK.

• CBD is the compound associated with the many wellness benefits and is legal in the UK.

• Any UK legal CBD product must show what it contains and tests must be carried out on a batch by batch basis to prove the finished product only contains trace amounts of THC.

It’s important to purchase from a trusted and legitimate manufacturer. Goodbody Wellness products comply with laboratory requirements.

In fact, we have a specific laboratory employing a team of scientists to ensure our products are of the highest possible standards and deliver maximum performance to our customers and are given the Phytovista seal of approval.

How can I achieve good value for money whilst maintaining high quality?

Consumers can vary their CBD intake by either the strength of CBD they take (i.e. 10% is 4 times stronger than 2.5% for the same quantity), or by increasing the volume they take (4 drops of 5% oil will deliver twice as much CBD as 2 drops of 5% oil).

There are many competitor products on the market with very low % of CBD content in large bottles, which appear to offer very good value for money. However, be wary as the low CBD content in them makes them extremely poor value compared to higher % CBD products.

Remember it’s the CBD that’s the expensive part of the product, and not the carrier oil. We at Goodbody Wellness work hard to offer the highest quality of products, whilst ensuring our products offer good value for money.

How can I take CBD?

CBD is absorbed really well sublingually (which means administered under the tongue) which is why the majority of products are available in oil format. This is by far the preferred format of choice by consumers.

However, there are a large variety of ways CBD can be delivered from adding it to your tea or coffee, swallowing in capsules or rubbing it on your skin as a balm. All of these formats are offered by Goodbody Wellness.

Why trust Goodbody Wellness?

Goodbody Wellness are based within a beautiful farm in the West Country (England) where our office is located and our products manufactured. Goodbody Wellness is part of the Sativa Group PLC, of whom have entered into a research partnership with King’s College London and have been granted a Home Office license to grow medicinal Cannabis. We are shaping the future of CBD products through innovation and manufacturing, and our products are backed up by our 5-star reviews which is a testament to our stringent quality control.

All Goodbody Wellness products are laboratory tested by our sister company PhytoVista Laboratories and are fully supported by their reports.

What do our consumers say about Goodbody Wellness products?

“Amazing shop! I’ve been looking everywhere for a safe place to ask about CBD oils & Zoe has been massively helpful in guiding me! I can’t wait to come back!” – Hazel

“This has changed my day-to-day life everyone in the shop is so helpful 100% wonderful shop and products” – Chris J

“I have been taking drops since about September 2019.  My sleep quality and coping levels  have improved so much, it’s amazing.” – Karen C

“CBD has worked wonders for my night terrors, fantastic knowledgeable staff!” – George M

“I was taking this product for just over a week. I then found I had reduced my pills from 16 to just 8 a day, it is a brilliant product” – Ang

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