First things first, what is it?

CBD or Cannabidiol to give it its full name is a naturally occurring extract derived from the Hemp plant. The Hemp plant is a close-relative of the much-maligned Marijuana plant and therefore is vastly misunderstood. CBD derived solely from the Hemp plant is legal in the UK and offers a great way to maintain or support healthy bodily functions without the side effects associated with taking drugs.

Many of our customers keep returning to us because they want a natural alternative and with CBD oil being a powerful antioxidant whose strength is greater than that of vitamin C and E, if you are dedicated to leading the healthiest life possible, then CBD could be very worthwhile as a part of your daily routine.


From seed to store all our ingredients are of the highest quality and fully traceable. You won’t find any harmful chemicals, artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives in any of our products. All our products are hand-picked from only the best manufacturers who produce our products exactly to our requirements and specifications, and we are committed to independent lab testing and full compliance with UK regulations.

Goodbody Wellness have also found a technique to remove any potential carcinogens from the plant resulting in the highest-quality, safest form of CBD products.


All our products have passed Phytovista industry leading quality standards ‘with flying colours’ and has achieved ‘PV’ certification. PhytoVista Laboratories is the leading facility in the UK for hemp and CBD product testing and is establishing a ‘Gold Standard’ for testing in the CBD industry. Since being founded in 2017, PhytoVista has invested in state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, extensively developed its testing methods and appointed expert staff in order to establish itself as a trusted and auditable laboratory that provides expert chemical testing services to a wide range of industries.

According to the World Health Organisation CBD is generally well- tolerated in humans, meaning that it is completely safe to take. It is not addictive either and is reported to have very few side effects; those that do exist are minor, including the likes of headaches, dry mouth, and nausea, all of which are not dangerous.


The human body contains a little-know network of cannabinoid (or CBD) receptors called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS is vital to our survival because it promotes balance that helps support health and wellbeing in a completely natural way. Taking CBD is a way to enhance our ECS, in a completely natural way.

Our variety of products give you control. From oils and balms, to luxury vapes and CBD oil infused edibles. Dosage and product choice are down to personal preference. Our expert staff support you to find the balance you need, working with your body’s endocannabinoid system to naturally restore homeostasis and support your wellbeing.

Our mission is simple.

We believe in providing quality natural CBD products. Our expert staff value mother nature, always taking your wellness seriously. Our products have been designed to our specification and manufactured to the very highest standards by the world’s finest manufacturers in order to support a healthy lifestyle.


We’re not selling a magic potion in a bottle. Our CBD oil is not a miraculous
cure. We don’t sell drugs, and we’re not producing medical marijuana. Our
CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any
disease. Neither should they be used as a substitute for a varied and
balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

What we do promise however is nothing will ever be listed in our stores that
hasn’t been rigorously tested so you can trust us. – The team behind
Goodbody Wellness.
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